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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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up at pebble beach. >> and world series champion testing his skill on the link? >> you just said it. >> thank you for joining us. leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco is over there and more on the rain we still have a little bit out there. >> storms give us the last best shot cross the north bay and live doppler 7 hd shows calistoga road and montgomery county drive and 12 around santa rosa and as i widen it out, you can see they are moving south to southwest or west southeast to north-northeast so west-east this morning so any part of napa county could get wet. here is the other thing you need to worry about emeryville is gusting to around 25 to 30 miles per hour across the bay water so the 12 hour day manner, 52 to 60 with showers and breezy through afternoon in the north bay and coupler this afternoon and dry with pockets of sunshine and upper 50's to low 60's. >> you have a high profile vehicle you have an adventure
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ahead of you. >> make sure you have a nice firm grip on the steering while if you are headed across the bay bridge and as we look we have folks waiting to make it across, run crass there interest san francisco and we have continue meant wait before you get there because the metering lights turned on and high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and gusty continues and they can move you around. be careful. thank you, leyla gulen, we will continue with our storm watch coverage, new video of a large secretary' oak tree that fell in napa. this happened at 10:30 last night on vallejo and nursery street. no injuries are reported but there is significant damage to the home. the person living inside said when the tree fell, it felt like another big. >> toppled trees are causing problems all across the bay area this morning. our reporter continues her live storm watch coverage from walnut creek. what is behind you amy?
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this tree is still here pieces of it, you can see the giant roots at the base of the tree so much of a mess out here to clean up. >> it took a couple of hours yesterday just to cut it apart and they put most of it in the wood chipper but there are still a lot of branches and pieces still left out here this morning. the winds knocked trees all over the bay area and we have a couple to show you that came down in oakland and one across skyline boulevard and a block away a tree fell and almost hit the house. it just missed it. in berkeley a tree came down on a car, some branches hit the prius and crushed that little compact car so damage to deal with this. here in walnut creek we are
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showing no damage to homes here or cars and no one was hurt so that is the good news. we are expensing call weather right now with no wind at the moment. hopefully moments like this are behind us. a tree in foster city forced some people from the homes last night and the tree partly fell on to the trade wind apartments around 10:15 with firefighters deciding to evacuate residents from the top floor just as a precaution. our reporter is there and you will have a report at the bottom of the hour. in vallejo wind knock out a huge tree and and it fell on to a sick medium truck and took three power poles and 2,400 pg&e customers last power but it is restored. marin county residents learn how much water has collected if local reservoirs. the last report shows marin county resolution veries at 97
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percent of capacity which normally are 81 percent full at this time of year. now despite a robust number, the municipal water district urges residents and business owners to conserve. they remember what a bad john we had. you and learn what is showing up on live doppler hd with the weather app free on the apple app and google play with more information at developing news this morning in the case of body parts found in a suitcase in san francisco. the "person of interest" is dead. we are joined with what happened and how this could affect the investigation. a very bizarre turn of events. 54-year-old mark andrus checked into the hospital on saturday morning for apparent drug-related reasons. san francisco police chief confirmed he later died. here he is just a few days ago after he was released from jail
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and was taken into custody on january 30 on suspicion of murder after body parts were found in a site case outside a goodwill. misery lease add picture of a "person of interest" later determined to be andrus and low was seen on video hing a suitcase in the area where the gruesome recovery was made. this past tuesday he was released from jail and the district attorney cited lack of evidence by police still considered him a "person of interest" with the remains possibly of his former roommate. a former police investigator says the death should not hurt the investigation new but it could in the long run especially if a new suspect emerges. >> the other party is going to lay all the blame on mr. andrus because he is dead. the medical examiner has not identified the body which is
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missing a head and phones making it difficult. investigators are awaiting dan result. the friend said he saw him the day before his desk -- death was told he did not did it. the search continues for a driver wanted in a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman in bay point. the 25-year-old victim was in the crosswalk at canal when she was hit at 10:30 on saturday night. she died at the scene. police do not have a description of the vehicle that kept going after the collision. anyone with information is asked to call the highway patrol. >> a stretch of highway one is re-opening after an accident involving a gas tanker that overturned yesterday morning spilling 4,000 gallons of fuel, most of the gas went into a culvert. some may have reached the ocean. haz-mat spent the day cleaning up the spill. the driver suffered minor
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injuries. >> bruce jenner is offering condolences to the family of a woman killed in a fur car crash he was involved in. the form olympian is cooperating with investigators in mall but. -- in malibu. officers may ask for his cell phone reports to see if he was talking or texting. he denies it and the lawyer said he is willing to turn over the phone records to prove it. tonight china's elite buying homes in the bay area in record numbers and driving up prices. >> this is a real estate trade show where buyers pick homes votes and competition among the realtors in the bay area is stiff and a firm bought a per made to take -- but the a mercedes to take chinese buyers around to the open houses and wall bought a plane to show splendors of where we live from above. >> they feel the palm is more stable. in china you do not have homeownership, it is 70 year
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lease. our reporter shows what else it takes to finish the deal tonight at 11 o'clock. a last folks maybe you, and i am doing a lot of homeownerring after the home left us with stuff all over the place. >> sorting. from the neighbor's yard and... >> a baseball net. >> goodness knows where it came from. >> mike has the forecast. >> tracking a shower at sir francis drake boulevard and smith ranch road and near san quentin. across 580 to the 101 connection, watch out it could be wet. most of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's so a mild morning in the north bay and the rest of us. the cool spot is lafayette at 55 and san ramon at 56, and san jose is 55 and cupertino is 53 and alameda and redwood city at 59. in san rafael, we have had
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showers but 101 is dry. this afternoon we are in the upper 60's to low 50's and when we get to 2:00 or 3:00 we will see the breaks with the showers over and the breezes will be slower than this morning and 101 and 880 looking dry in the south bay and the temperatures are the same tomorrow and offshore wind and 70 for some of us on wednesday and all of us on thursday. >> in walnut creek it is looking slow right now as you make the drive from pleasant hill to highway 24 and right at treat is where you will see the lights flashing. if you head in the northbound direction, traffic is moving lightly and still looking relatively dry. you could see moist spots as you continue through the san ramon valley. over to the santa cruz mountains highway 35 at highway nine it will be shut down until 1:00 o'clock to 3:00 this afternoon because of a tree blown down from the wind that knocked down power lines and debris
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everywhere. in san jose, we have a new crash northbound highway 101 at first street and one lane is blocked. >> giants star buster posey trades in catcher's mit for golf clubs. >> service with a smile as the dead behind approaches for americans to sign up for health insurance. >> are children getting more caffeine, more than caffeine with the energy drink? stand
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning at 6:13 after just a rainy and stormy and windy weekend, a look at the san mateo bridge, positive showers passing through there right now however it is windy so be careful this morning president obama and german chancellor meet at white house to discuss upcoming talks to revive a peace land for ukraine. the two leaders are split over
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arming ukraine fighters to better battle russian backed separatist. merkel and french president hollande met with ukraine leaders and russian president vladimir putin and announced the new summit meeting for wednesday. starting today people craning up for health insurance can expect much more friendly and faster service. thousands of better trained call center employees will be on duty to help with wait times for those enrolling for insurance under the affordable health care action. if you are not covered by employer-provided insurance and do not enroll by the deadline are not eligible for insurance this year and will face penalties. the open enrollment period ends february 15. >> also new this morning a just released study suggests this could be a living between energy links and adhd in children. researchers found middle schoolchildren who drink energy drinks are 66 percent more likely to lack attention children drank more energy
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drinks and sweetened drinks in general. however, health experts caution the long between the energy drinks and adhd is not concrete or necessarily causal. some of the biggest names in golf join athletes from hour sports and entertainers for practice roundses at the at&t national pro-am. >> buster posey will debut as a celebrity hitting the links alongside the pacific admitting to our media partner he has never taken a formful golf lesson and does not have an stabbed hand cap. he once shot 90 at augusta, the home of the masters. >> are. >> pan? >> a little. >> sports anchor will be at pebble beach for the 49er and giants shoot out tomorrow and the celebrity shoot out starting bill murray on wednesday. >> you never know what you will get with a bill murray wednesday
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pro am. >> the weather will be great. unlike for fanfest. >> they needed the wet weather but it did fought slow a lot of people down. we will see what will happen as far as our weather right now. 6:16 and the parkway and calistoga is looking at the showers rolling across santa rosa and headed to mount st. helena and right here, on sir francis drake boulevard also, bay wood canyon road all the way to dutch valley lane all areas are possibly wet and it is still snowing around lake tahoe and on the western slope. that is good news. another 3-6" possible by the afternoon hours. winds are around 12 or 13 minute and if you get over the water we are gusting to around 30 miles per hour. watch out on the bridges and ferry ride. sfo is not reporting arrival delays and you are still going to find areas like this, the
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richmond and san rafael toll plaza wet but you can see the rain is not falling right now but the rain last night has left many streets slick. be careful and something that we will watch for you. headed into the 50, dry and calmer, and we have clearing and cooler and dry air coming in to keep the fog from forming. in the north bay, that could be it. we have building warmth through the week with close to record highs. it does not look like we will be setting any records. today, clouds at 7:00 the best radar is across the north bay and that is where it will be at noon and they fade away at 2:00 or 3:00, increasing sunshine as the sun sets and it is clear in the evening and overnight hours. tomorrow a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds in the afternoon hours clouds keep us in the low-to-mid 60's today and upper 50's to low 60 at the coast. 63 in san francisco, richmond vallejo, fairfield, out 80 and in san mateo and oakland, 66 is
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a warm spot in san jose. tonight, we are cooler with 38 in santa rosa and upper 30's in the san ramon valley and low-to-mid 50's. the area of low pressure is pulling away and opening so it is not spinning so fast and because it is moving away and not someoning the showers and breezes will fade with a big area of high pressure coming at us from the south and it brings us offshore wind and mid-60's to 70 by wednesday and low-to-mid 70's through the weekend. leyla gulen? >> here we go, the golden gate bridge has a c.h.p. issued wind advisory and traffic is slow down from marin to san francisco southbound commuters you have a little bit of a slow down. northbound traffic is moving along just fine. we do have an accident in san jose. this is northbound along 101 up 1st street. watch out for that. we are seeing slow downs from album rock to san jose international airport airport and 880 is managing fine
6:19 am
have delays because of multiple vehicle crash and one lane is blocked right now so slow going for us there. a quick shout out to middle school that i attended the career day on friday and the 6th grade class are a purge of smart kids. you everyone a wonderful host. here are lovely ladies i posed with 7th and 6th grade class asked wonderful questions and a pleasure to meet all of you. thanks again and i hope to see you again. >> did you say you do your own makeup? were they impressed? >> first anthem is hit by hackers and at 6:30 the new trouble facing the insurance company's customers. >> oscar sunday preview, the movie taking hole top honors this weekend at the british academy of film awards. stay tuned.
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request that the chief justice of the state supreme court ordered judges not to issue licenses to gay couples arguing that same-sex marriage is against the state constitution. the united states supreme court denies that request making alabama now the 37th state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> checking in now with "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, coming up on "good morning america" hour extreme weather team all over two big storms on both coasts. flooding rains, fears of put slides in west and out east parts of new england bracing for up to 2' of snow. all that and more. >> former president clinton is revealing a new image of his recent visit to ucfs children's hospital and posted this photo on twitter yesterday shaking hands with cancer patient. president clinton took a tour of the new facility where he learned of new health
6:24 am
technology. the president spoke at a series of private events last week. >> warren buffett is the word's wealthiest and now you can walk in his shoes or ride if his driver's seat if you are willing to pay up. he is auctioning off his cadillac only worth $12,000 but of course it is expected to sell for considerably more because of who owned it. the last car he sold, the lincoln, went for they times the car's value getting $70,000 in 2006 with proceeds from the sale going to girls incorporated of omaha a chapter of the national group known as the girl's club of america. >> you would look good in that cadillac. >> "boyhood," is name best picture at the appreciate academy film awards and the filmmaker was named best director spending 12 years on the project. eddie redmayne won best act report in other theory of
6:25 am
everything," and julianne moore for portraying a woman with a disease in "still alice," an indicator of possible winners with the oscars which are only 2 1/2 beak away. you can see them right here february 22. >> we are talking grammys next half hour including a rant that a star went on off the red carpet. >> rain on the west coast but in the east coast, they are digging out this morning or trying to dig out with a massive clean up underway as boston is buried. >> first, windy weather sends debris falling from a san francisco hotel. >> ins for city what residents had to do to stay home, all ahead. >> still tracking scattered showers for the morning commute and i will tell you how much longer those will hang around
6:26 am
before above-average temperatures to nearly record highs in the back half of the seven-day forecast. >> a look at the golden gate bridge slowing down right at the toll plaza and wonder if something is happening with high winds across the bay area bridges and probablies caused due to the high winds in the santa cruz mountains with the details ahead.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:29 on monday morning. this is view without a last rain between the camera and the eastern span of the bay bridge. this is a backup. we will find more about that coming up. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> it is breezy but the rain, first, with live doppler hd. what we will show you, the roof cam remarks first, and that is where we are seeing the clouds break up and as we look through the forecast, the day planner today over the next 12 hours the chance tapers by noon but the north bay is low 60's and upper 50's to low 60's, not so
6:30 am
breezy at 4:00 and the dry air is arriving at we head into the evening and that limit the fog for the commute and at calistoga to windsor and healdsburg this is where we are seeing the best radar returns and where they will stay will until they diminish at 2:00 this afternoon. on the roads this morning, both hands on the wheel. >> it will be a white knuckle drive. we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for the bay area bridges including the bay bridge. we are looking at a slow walnut creek commute from pleasant hill southbound 680 and nothing but brake lights and northbound traffic is light and we have had issues because of the win with an early big rig crash and overturned big rig in tracy and gusts continues there and things are taking it slow folks are taking it slow across the bridge into treasure island and that is exact what you want to do so be careful this morning and take your team. continuing our storm watch coverage, as we have been
6:31 am
telling you the wins are a problem, another look from our emeryville camera neighbors are cleaning up across the bay area as trees came rationing down. our reporter is in foster city with more. a man who lives in a corner apartment said that when the big branch came down outside of his window he was told to come down and make sure to move the car if it was pa on the street. the neighbors did the same thing. the neighbors were evacuated from their third floor apartment to be safe. 20 yards up this drive closer to foster city boulevard a tree that snapped in half at 12-15 tall and half is still handing. someone will have to take care of that tree. this is the big branch high in the year next to the apartment complex that happened at 10:15. good news even if it came down it would fall on the grass but they have it taped off so noun
6:32 am
-- so no one walks near it. so to drive is block off at foster city boulevard with many ways to get around the detour >> if san francisco a mad dash to get people out of the way as strong winds knocked construction blocks off of the roof of the hotel last night. this is video of the incident at market street. one person went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> wind and rain combined to income out power across the bay area. the biggest outage is in the north by with more than 1,700 pg&e customers without electricity. there are 430 hops and businesses in the dark on the peninsula and 350 in the south by. pg&e says almost 157,000 customers have been affected at
6:33 am
some points since friday. power has been restored to 98 percent. you can see what is on doppler with the weather app free on apple app and google play. we also have more information at >> staying with the weather be glad you are not in best. check out the snowy conditions, video if a few hours ago, snowplows out in full force and best's mayor said 600 pieces of snow removal equipment are deployed. the latest storm could bring 2' of new snow if some areas posing a problem for homeowners. all the snow could cause roofs to collapse. an 18-year-old driver will appear in court to answer charges he killed a woman during a street race in san jose. >> the police believe two men were racing on yerba buena island road and they collided on january 26 and a store tore through a guard rail and hit
6:34 am
24-year-old jogger. the arraignment is taking place for one of the suspects, gabriel esparza today. >> suge knight is back if court for a bail review hearing in the murder case. the 49-year-old pleaded not guilty to murder attempted murder and hit-and-run forumming -- for running over two men, killing unafter an architect. the attorneys call it an "accident." he could face life in prison if convicted. >> these struck out going to cooperstown but barry bonds gin the former manager baker in the class for the hall of fame including a golfer who grew up in san jose and olympic gold medallest, a skier from marin county and the owner of the
6:35 am
warriors for 20 years. >> new york senator schumer is urging the centers for disease control to make measles shots free and widely available like the flu vaccine. he made the recommendation after the centers for disease control said 102 people in 14 states have come down with the measles and urging the centers for disease control to provide vaccination and health professionals recommend youngsters get did doses and adults a booster. >> president obama will come to the bay area this week and speak at a cyber security summit at stanford attracting top leaders from silicon valley. friday evening, the president will attend a democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco. next we will have much more on theup underway in the bay area after the weekend storm. the large tree creating big problems in the east bay this morning. kanye strikes again, the
6:36 am
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back on 6:39 on monday, the coolest day this week. hitting 70 in san francisco on thursday friday, valentine's day, saturday, picnic could be a better option than an expensive dinner out. snow at 3-6" until 4:00 western shown of the sierra into lake tahoe. can't wait to see what the measurements come up for the weekend and how much more the snow pack grew. it will be 43 with the snow. 65 with showers through the early afternoon in sacramento and monterey is clearing, and 73 in los angeles and 897 in palm springs. >> you will need the changes so get them out. the san mateo bridge you need the patience along the watershedded from east to the west. we have big delays and gusty conditions with a high wind advisory so if you are driving a van or s.u.v. or big rig, be
6:40 am
very careful. we have an accident possibly one lane blocked southbound 880 with slow conditions away from 238. coming up, menlo park's face book is ready to make its presence in the bay area bigger. >> anthem sends a new warning to the kiss informs after the hack attack and what they need to be on the alert with. >> abc7 news has traffic and weather toll through the entire commercial break
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too...
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we're practically twins! covering walnut creek, ball came campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. as we have been telling you all morning people across the bay area will be dealing with the tack of cleaning up today after the powerful weekend storms. our reporter joins us from walnut creek. amy? here is one of many examples, the tree that came down during the storm, a last it is cut into pieces and a last it is still here. what a mess. the chainsaws the wood clippers, they were all going
6:44 am
for a couple of hours and somewhere in your neighborhood, too, as the trees all over the bay area couple down with the gusts of winds that the storm brought. no one was hurt in this one and that is the good news no property damage, it did not hit a husband or a tree. that really is your worst nightmare. so long to this tree, it could not handle the winds great this storm. it is very calm in walnut creek and no winds at all happening here, no rain, so none through homes like this are behind us. a reminder you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the weather app free on apple app and google play. we also have more information at chipolte is apologizing after the twitter account was hacked. >> if you think you spend too much time on facebook you may be able to learn there.
6:45 am
>> jane king is in the nasdaq with the money report. good morning, we are starting out lower on wall street and the news that will come from europe we are watching the president's president will meet with merkel. liquidation sale at 1,help -- 1,700 radio shack stores saying they needed to move quickly to have the weekend sales to pay off the crediters closing 175 stores in california, the most of any state. >> it did not take long if the scammers to target anthem hacked victims which is warning customers to what out for scammers who sent e-mails encouraging them to get a link to a free credit monitor services and anthem said they
6:46 am
are not calling victim. >> followers ofally post got unexpected ingredients over the welcome getting into the twitter account and sent out racially offensive swastika. facebook spend $400 million on a 50 acre plot near silicon valley headquarters and says the headquarters will be located with shops and restaurants and a hotel. it is 6:46. we turn things over to meteorologist mike nicco checking live doppler hd to see if the showers are hitting your neighborhood. >> to the north including st. helena and cloverdale clear lake, that area is where we have the best radar returns and a few returns in the santa cruz mountains spilling into the east bay valley around dublin and pleasanton and, also, san
6:47 am
ramon. you and see all of these are moving up to the northeast because of the southwest wind that is still gusting at 10 or 20 miles per hour and over the water it is around 25 to 35 at times and it is crossing the golden gate bridge so you are getting perpendicular gusts with the white caps and a blustery morning for you on the ferry. 52 at alum rock mid-to-upper 50's elsewhere like 59 in alameda and st. carlos and redwood city and 58 in san pablo and lafayette to danville at 56 degrees. from walnut creek, you can see 680 still wet from the overnight showers and some of these could let go of a few sprinkles. it is not until the remainly afternoon hours it will be dry and calmer with the commute home easier than this morning and clearing and cool but the fog will be limited because of dry
6:48 am
air moving in and we will have temperatures above average starting tomorrow through the valentine's day weekend. here is our future radar returns, mainly in the north bay, a few scattered showers are possible through lunch and between 2:00 and 3:00 they fade away and we will see increasing sun as the sunsetting define action and 6:00 and dome morning the lack of clouds and falling is sunshine and high clouds in the afternoon. temperatures today are upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and from 60 at san rafael to 66 in san jose and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us tonight ten or 20 degrees cooler and heater will run tonight and upper 30's around santa rosa and low-to-mid 40's inland. the area of low pressure is spinning away from us and because of that the breezes will relax and the showers will fade and high pressure is building up from the south and because of that we will get an offshore wind starting on wednesday and mid-60's to 70 and thursday through sunday above average temperatures with low-to-mid
6:49 am
70's valentine's day is looking great to be outside and maybe picnic weather. >> sounds great. we have heard of a back seat driver and you can be an armchair driver, using the camera to the bay bridge toll plaza we have seening in but brake lights at 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco and we do have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. i will swing this camera around and check out traffic. it is looking busy indeed and along the transition roads pouring into the tom toll so we will swing back around and you can see we have a bit of a wait on our hands. pack eye patience and give yourself extra time. across the game area 280, coming into cupertino, those lights are starting to slow down a bit as you can see sluggish conditions in the number direction and solo crash blocking one lane with heavy back trips from the highway.
6:50 am
almost 6:50 if you not kanye west was playing a joke on beck last night, you may be mistaken i need some help. come back. >> did you see we that? west tried to storm the stage when beck beat out beyonce for album of the year and you will recall he interrupted taylor swift after she beat out beyonce as the 2009 video music awards. most of the internet assumed west was making a joke he later said he was not joking and believes beck should give him award to beyonce. he went off on a rant after the show saying the grammys don't know how to honor real talent. >> the big winners last night as
6:51 am
we told you, beck picked up album of the year, and sam smith song of the year and new artist, and pharrell williams woman for best urban contrary album and best rap album want to eminem. >> he is all the rage on twitter trending not in the best way this morning. >> back with seven things to november but we for. >> but, first, bay bridge toll plaza is backed up and kind of slow but at least it is not
6:52 am
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>> good morning at 6:53, a look from the camera driving to the bay bridge. it will be pretty windy as you cross the span, not to mention the delays getting there. >> as you mentioned if you are headed out the door seven things to know: residents dealing with the aftermath of the rain and wind in this tree snapped in half. officials evacuatessed one apartment on the third floor as a precaution. >> good news, no warnings, no watches, no advisories just a few radar runs in the higher
6:54 am
elevations around the south bay into the east bay hills and across the north bay sliding to the northeast. as we head throughout the afternoon hours we will see more of this, the clouds open up and bring us sunshine and the breezes will taper off and the evening commute is dry 57 to 61 at the coast, and 60 to 66 for the bay and inland neighborhoods. >> looks like the rain tapers at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza but the road is damp and traffic is building coming in toward the toll plaza as you continue across the bridge at 52 miles per hour so we have some delays and a so low crash with possible injuries at petaluma and one lane is blocked southbound at redwood road and at the golden gate bridge you will find breezy conditions with a high wind advisory. the "person of interest" in the case of a dismembered body found in san francisco has died. mark andrus left jail on tuesday last week after being released for lack of evidence. his death appeared to be from a
6:55 am
drug-related cause. evacuationserly in effect along the eastern slope of the sierra despite crews making progress on the wildfire that started on friday and destroyed 40 homes and burned 7,000 acres and now is 7 1% contained. >> record snow fall in the east means most flights in and out of logan international airport have been canceled for the day. the city has eved 6 2" of snow and another 10" could fall today. >> buster posey will gin the the -- the join the biggest names in golf as pebble beach. he admitted he is not of a golf issue but he shot a 90 at augusta for most of us amateur golfers, that is pretty darn good. >> our sports anchor will be at
6:56 am
pebble beach for the 49er and giant shootout with bull -- murray on thursday. >> i know you wanted to weigh in on augusta. >> he is a great athlete and a lot baseball players can make the transition to golf because they use the same hips and shoulders. now, what it will be like at pebble beach this weekend, we are going to be in the 70's starting thursday and so will they. it will be gorgeous down there. make sure you get there early. people are going to be packing that place with the weather being so great.
6:57 am
have a great
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good morning, america. double trouble. both coasts blasted by powerful winter storms. snow and freezing rain falling again in the east. nearly a foot more in some areas. pushing them to the breaking point. >> we have never seen this type of snow here in the city of boston. >> icy roads turning highways hazardous, and another storm slams the west, flooding rain, powerful wind gusts and fears of mudslides this morning. our team tracking it all. tipping point. the u.s. and its allies turning up the heat on isis. unleashing a fierce air assault. as the parents of that american aide worker held hostage making an emotional plea to the brutal terror group. speaking out. bruce jenner opens up this morning about his deadly car accident. cooperating with the police and


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